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2016 paper ten big figures
Author:admin - Time:2017-09-07 14:14:03
In 2016 the paper market continued to rise, from environmental protection, production of raw materials prices, the G20 summit to limit production shutdown, road freight prices, the RMB exchange rate at the end of the year, tighter environmental protection, paper supply and other factors affect the price of the original paper. So, what are the big events that outline these changes in the paper industry in 2016? Let's take a look at it
1, 100 million 885 thousand tons
In 2016 1-10, China's output of paper and paperboard was 100 million 885 thousand tons. In 2015 1-10, the total output was 97 million 893 thousand tons, an increase of 2 million 992 thousand tons over the same period of last year, an increase of 3.06%.
2 and 11 cities
In the mid May 2016 release of "G20 summit construction system of environmental quality assurance work program" in Zhejiang, the shutdown time is from August 26th to September 6th; at the same time also delineated the scope of work, involving 11 cities in Zhejiang province. Among them, paper and paper products and other industries have been included in the key monitoring list, especially the paper industry can be described as the hardest hit.
3 and 33.6%
Since September 21st, the price of freight transportation for road freight cars has increased by about 33.6%, resulting in the price of waste paper and base paper mainly transported by road.
4, 1800 yuan / ton
In 2016, the highest purchase price of domestic paper enterprises reached 1800 yuan / ton, almost reached the highest annual price of waste paper. The shortage of waste paper has led to "waste paper shortage" in Fujian, Guangxi, Guizhou and many other places".
5 and 40%
Since September, the prices of base paper, cardboard and cardboard boxes in East China and Southern China have been on the rise. As of December, the central region also carton factory to protect themselves have not resigned to playing second fiddle, prices on 20%-40%.
6, 89 thousand and 400 tons
Guangdong province's paper industry in 2016 should eliminate backward production capacity enterprises (production line), involving 7 enterprises, a total of 17 production lines, about 89 thousand and 400 tons of capacity.
7 and 120 days
Since the beginning of winter, north, central and southwest city there are so many severe haze weather. In the fog and haze attack, the environmental protection agency has introduced emergency measures, the implementation of an emergency plan, requiring enterprises to stop production. Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan and other places to limit production severely affected areas, Linyi packaging printing plant was the highest or forced to stop production for 120 days.
8, 0
As of 2016, 11 mid late, part of the Guangdong paper enterprises appeared "0" inventory, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and other regions of the paper-making enterprises inventory is only 1.5 days -5 days.
9 and 36 days
In November 26th, shanyingzhiye announced Ma'anshan, Haiyan two bases of the Spring Festival downtime plan. The downtime involved paperboard, corrugated paper, etc. Paper farina Carta di bestiame, the longest downtime of 9 paper machine in 36 days. Shanyingzhiye from January 7, 2017 (lunar month at the beginning of La ten) started downtime, no later than March 6, 2017 (the 9th day of the second month of the Chinese lunar calendar) all resume production.
10 and 116
According to the business community to incomplete statistics, there are 27 paper-making enterprises base price increase of the first quarter of 2016, the price range of 30-50 yuan / ton; a price increase base 23 papermaking enterprises second quarter, price range is 50-100 yuan / ton; a price increase base 47 papermaking enterprises third quarter, price range is 50-200 yuan / ton; the fourth quarter ended December 10th, price of paper has 116 paper-making enterprises, the price range of 50-700 yuan / ton.