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Ministry of environmental protection to promote industrial water pollution contr
Author:admin - Time:2017-09-07 14:11:30
Learned from the Ministry of environmental protection, has formulated requirements issued "industrial agglomeration area water pollution control plan" task to promote, the local people's government and the park management agencies to complete the "hundred-percent water ten" requirements; each lead department to guide the problems of the park to develop corrective measures, the environmental protection departments at all levels shall organize and coordinate the relevant departments to the site supervision; the gathering area fails to fulfill the task of the provincial and above industry, according to the "ten water" provisions will be suspended for approval and approval of the increase of water pollutant emissions of the construction project, and in accordance with the relevant provisions to withdraw the qualification of the park.
The Ministry of environmental protection of water environment management department of the relevant responsible person said that the industrial agglomeration has become an important carrier of industrial development, built sewage treatment facilities and the installation of automatic online monitoring device is the requirement of industrial agglomeration areas of water pollution prevention and control line. "Ten water" stressed construction, upgrading of industrial agglomeration areas should be synchronized planning and construction of sewage treatment facilities; by the end of 2017, industrial agglomeration areas should be built sewage treatment facilities and the installation of automatic online monitoring device in accordance with the regulations, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, pearl River Delta region completed one year ahead.
In late July, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said the deployment of the second half of the work, from the current progress of water environmental management, remediation black odor water in some areas is too slow, the industrial agglomeration area environmental management level is uneven, the surface water phosphorus pollution has become increasingly prominent, the water quality of coastal waters decreased. The second half of the year will strengthen the work of scheduling supervision, and promote the "water ten" annual task fully completed.